It might be summer everywhere else, but on Mount Hunter's Kennedy-Lowe Route, it always feels like the middle of winter. Designed to manage the extremes of high-output exertion, our Capilene Midweight...
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After four days on the trail, two hailstorms and a hardscrabble pass, you'll still be looking forward to the ultracomfortable, next-to-skin warmth of these bottoms. A heavyweight of versatility, our M...
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Versatility in and out of the water; this water shoe goes everywhere you do. Features: OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System: adapts your traction to any fishing condition. Two outsoles included with e...
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Rock Creeks are a dime a dozen across the West. But Montana's version is the gold standard, cutting through the Sapphire and Garnet mountains and crawling with thick trout and ultra-slick wading oppor...
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From Montauk stripers in skinny-water to marching for bull redfish in the thick of fall, Simms' OceanTek Boot is engineered to exceed the demands of the sea. Boots are powered by an ultra-grippy non-m...
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