Couponing 101

Clipping and organizing your coupons shouldn’t be such a daunting task.  Take an hour out of every Sunday to dedicate to printing and cutting coupons.  You can do it alone while watching your favorite movie or TV show, or gather up some friends and family and do it together.  It’s a good way to clip, have fun, and spend quality time with yourself or your loved ones.

Before you start clipping, make sure you have all the coupons that you want.  Go online and see which coupons are available for printing this week.  Search through our large database of coupons and pick out the brand and items of your choice, then print as many as you wish.  Now that you have have all the coupons you want, you are ready for your coupon party!  Bring out all the coupons you’ve printed along with a copy of the Sunday paper, go through all the coupons in the paper, pick out the ones you want to use and start clipping.  You can either clip just the ones you want to use for the week and file away the rest for next week, or clip everything at once, put them in a binder, and take out the ones you want to use whenever you go to the store.

After you are done clipping, time to start organizing.  When it comes to organizing coupons, you need to find the best system that suits you – the most important thing is to make it easily accessible, viewable, and portable.  Although there are many ways to file your coupons, we find the binder system is the most efficient.  Purchase a 3-ring binder, a package of dividers and a set of clear plastic, 3-hole punched dividers to create your own personalized coupon organizer.  You can then insert your coupons into the organizer in alphabetical order by store name, brand name, or group them by item categories (ie, groceries, toiletries, baby products, etc.).  However you choose to organize your coupons, make sure they are easy to find so you don’t have to scramble to look for them while you are at the store.  Take the binder with you when you go shopping and pull out the coupons at checkout.  Be sure to read the fine print on each coupon for restrictions and expiration dates.