One of the most common items companies now giveaway are promotional products and discount codes. These types of freebies are used by companies as a means of advertising and marketing to raise awareness of their brand and urge consumers to buy their products.  The variety of freebies range from products like DVDs, pens, phones, to some a bit more service oriented like coupons or discounts on your next purchase.  Let’s face it, consumers like the word free and companies know that.  Remember that you must be careful when offered something for “free.”  There is no such thing as a free lunch and ultimately companies know that.  Usually in a small font there is a disclaimer arranging a minimum purchase or requirement before the reward is given.

Of course we must also take advantage when we can.  Companies need advertising and brand awareness and with rising prices, companies are forced to use an unlikely method to bring consumers back, giveaways.  Doing your resource on freebies is important but be careful not to miss out on certain opportunities as these are usually for a limited time.  We recommend reading reviews and past experiences of these freebies and promotions in order to get a better gage on the truth behind it.

Companies, organizations and families have different and valid reasons to offer free products and services.  Whether it be to raise brand awareness or doing something out the kindness of your heart, the end result is the same. exclusively filters out some of the deceptive freebies giveaways in order to provide a better user experience for our visitors.  We know that companies have an agenda by giving stuff away however as informed advisors, there are ways to take advantage of these promotions. We hope that you visit our site more often to see the most recent freebies and giveaway promotions going on.